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UV Tool Sterilizer

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Popular SUNUV S2 Portable uv dental sterilizer for nail shop 


  • 1. 3 MINS KILL 99.99% OF BACTERIA: UV-C light can destroy the bacteria DNA and kill all kinds of germs. S1 has 10 pcs UV + LED combined light beads that the dual optical wavelength is 395nm+280nm using dual light source and double-power function. Besides, there is a reflective glass in the bottom of the box, the glass reflect UV-C light when working. So bacteria can be killed from every angle. UV-C sterilizing light eliminate 99.99% of E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and other harmful bacteria.
  • 2. VOICE PROMPT AND LIGHT INDICATOR KNOW THE STATUS: There are voice prompts in all the process, that is, there is SUNUV, no germs, sterilizing, sterilizing over. When the sterilizer turned on, all the white light will go on and flash once. In standby mode, the white light will continuous go on and no flash. The white marquee will turn on when sterilizing. These designs are to avoid curious users opening the lid to see the status when sterilizing.
  • 3. SAFETY SENSOR & AUTO SHUT-OFF: Built-in gravity sensor switch. The UV-C LED machine will auto shut off at once when you open the lid during sterilizing to prevent your skin exposure under the UV-C light. Moreover, the sterilizer will auto shut off in standby mode after 15 hours as it comes with power-saving detection function inside.
  • 4. STERILIZATION WITHOUT THE CHEMICALS: The SUNUV S1 sterilizer keeps your life stay safe and healthy without using harsh cleaners and chemicals. UV-C light destroy the DNA of germs eliminating their ability to reproduce. Many hospitals use UV-C to sanitize rooms, medical tools, sinks and more. Our UV-C sterilizer has passed CE, FCC and FDA certification. You can rest assured that no lingering chemicals will get into your body.
  • 5. PORTABLE AND UNCOMPLICATED TO USE: It just need to be simply plugged into a power source to enter the welcome voice (there is SUNUV, no germs). Open the lid, place the item(s) you want to sterilize inside, close the lid, press one-button start function 0.5 second to start 3 mins sterilization, After 3 mins, It will auto shut off and has an voice prompt(sterilizing over) to remind that the sterilization is completed. Press 3 seconds to turn off the sterilizer.