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Ultra Bond Adhesive Glue 5ml

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Ultra Bond Adhesive Glue 5ml


-This Glue has minimal fumes.

-Strong Bonding power that lasts the life of the natural lash.

-Fast drying to avoid lashes from sticky to neighboring lashes.

-Glue has rubberized components that add to flexibility, increasing both  bonding  strength & longevity.

-Contains new Ethyl 3 Cyranoacrylate, which is used in the medical field  for suture-free wounds.


Don't be fooled by companies selling discounted, old,

expired glues for less.

"Our glues are always fresh!"


We recommend shaking vigorously for 1 minute

Squeeze out the first drop to clear the nozzle

Keep the glue in a cool place, for longer freshness


Disclaimer:  We are not responsible for the misuseuse of our glues.

You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us.

Performance and results from the glue vary from person to person depending on your teqhnique.

If you purchase glue with fumes, you must know how to avoid irritation and inflamation if it occurs.


*All of our glues are formaldehyde free