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Russian Volume Tweezer

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Russian Volume Tweezers

RV- Series Tweezers 



 RV-One: Named "One" because this is ONE tweezer you need for volume lashing. Its sharp tweezer ends are perfect for opening up your fan in even width. Suitable for Mega Volume.



RV-Curve: This is our most versatile lash extension tweezer. Its curved angle also gives you good visibility during pickup and placement. Suitable for volume up to 5D. 





RV-Speed: These fine-end tweezers are amazing for speedy fanning and 'wiggle' fanning method. Suitable for volume up to 5D


RV_Volume Tweezer

RV-Volume: These tweezers with a tiny 'head' don't disturb other lashes and give you great visibility during placement. Suitable for Mega Volume.