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Q1 eyelash Adhesive 5ml

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Blink Q1 Flexible Glue 5ml


An excellent Sensitive Glue which is great for professionals. It has great bonding period for a sensitive glue of 3-4 weeks. The Q1 glue has rubber added to give it elasticity after hardening which increases the hold and bonding time. This adhesive has very little fumes and works very well for clients who are sensitive. 


Blink Q1 Flexible Glue Characteristics:

  • Strong Bond, Very Little Fumes
  • Setting Time: 4-5 seconds
  • Strength of Hold: 3-4 weeks
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Color: Glossy Black
  • Size: 5ml
  • Opened Life: 3 Months
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months

*All of our Glues are Formaldehyde-Free 

This glue contains a a rubberized/ polyester base for flexability.