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J Curl Mixed Mink Premium Lashes

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BL Lashes, J Curl

Mixed Faux Mink Eyelashes


-BL Lashes Faux Mink Eyelashes, softer and lighter weight than synthetic fiber lashes.

-These lashes are high gloss and curved to perfection, resembling real mink fur lashes.

-The mixed mink lash tray gives you all the lengths needed for any look your client desires.

-Quick and easy application all in one tray.

-Special manufacturing technique "guaranteed not to sraighten over time"


*Pair them up with any of the Blink extension glues and have the best, longest lasting extensions.


Blink Branding:
Blink is going through a branding change and the original Blink packaging will slowly be phased out and replaced.  For any order that we are out of stock on the original packaging, we will be including a Blink Laser Lash as a replacement..  The new Blink Laser lashes are very popular worldwide and are now Blink's best selling lash because of the micro lasering on the base of the lash for the glue to adhere better to. The lash curl, thickness, and length are all the same as the original Blink Signature Mink lash. They are compatible with all other original Blink Signature minks for application.


-Approx. 2500 lashes


Mixed tray: 7-14mm

Widths: .07mm, .10mm, .15mm, .20mm and .25mm