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Glam Glue

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BL Lash (Blink)



Glam Adhesive is a High-viscosity glue. It's an advanced adhesive, suitable for both Russian volume and classic extensions.  It's smooth viscosity and quick flexible dry time work particulary well with the "Lock and Wrapping" technique. This technique improves lash retention.

  • fast setting time: 2-4 seconds
  • Long lasting hold: 6+ weeks
  • Minimal fumes
  • Viscosity: medium/ high
  • Recommended humidity: 45-55% (humidity levels determine adhesive dry time. Higher humidity faster dry time, lower humidity slower dry time)
  • Recommended temperature: 66-72 degrees F
  • Shelf life (opened): 1-2 months
  • Shelf life (unopened): 3-4 months
  • 5ml