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Flat Lash Mixed Mink B, C, D curl

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BL Premium Synthetic Mink Flat Lash (mixed lengths)

B, C, D Curl

(Also referred to as:

Groove Lash, Royal Lash, Ellipse Lash)


Premium Faux Mink Extensions (allows for a bold look without the weight)


The Flat Lash Collection increases the lash width without adding weight. The lash has a groove down the center for a longer hold. The grooved shape allows for the lash to sit perfectly on the natural lash, preventing the lash from tipping to the side and crossing over the other lashes and allowing for better surface contact.


These lashes are for 1 to 1 lash application. 


The Width of a .15 lash with the weight of a .07 lash

The Width of a .20 lash with the weight of a .12 lash



Available in B, C and D Curls.


.15mm or .20mm thickness.


 Mixed Length Trays: 7-14mm


1 row 7mm

1 row 8mm

1 rows 9mm

2 rows 10mm

2 rows 11mm

2 rows 12mm

2 rows 13mm

1 row 14mm