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Flat/ Ellipse Lash C Curl .15/.20

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Flat/ Ellipse Lash

C Curl 



The Flat/ Ellipse Lash has a beautiful sheen that makes them "pop" on the clients eyes. This Lash is elliptical in shape and gives the look of a .15mm or .20 lash with the weight of a .07mm or .10 lash.  

  • These Flat/ Ellipse lashes are very soft and comfortable for the client to wear. With the cutout elliptical or oval shape these lashes are easy to place on the natural lash.
  • The Flat/Ellipse Lash out performs other lashes because as the natural lashes grow out, the Flat/Ellipse Lash will not fall off to the side as easy preventing the lashes from getting tangled up.
  • The tip o the Flat/ Ellipse lash is slightly cut into 2 strands to look voluminous and had a soft real mink feel.
  • These are individual length trays in .15mm or .20mm that have 9mm-15mm lengths. Available in C and D curls.
THICKNESS : 0.15/0.2mm
LENGH : 9~15mm