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D Curl Lashes, Premium Mink

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 BL Lashes, D Curl Eyelashes

BL Lashes Faux mink eyelashes are lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes.  These individual synthetic mink lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection and will give your clints a soft, natural, and glamorous look.  They are easier and quicker to apply than regular eyelash extensions.

Special manufacturing technique

"Guarantees lashes to not straighten over time".


Pair them up with any of our Blink extension glues and have the best, longest lasting extensions.


 *These are Professional Eyelash Extensions 

for the Professional Lash Artist



 12 strips of beautiful black silky synthetic mink lashes.


Approx. 2000 lashes per tray


 Instructions on mink lash usage:

  1. Remove the strip of lashes from the tray.
  2. Adhere the lash strip on the back of your hand or the lash tray.
  3. Use a tweezer and remove the lash from the strip.

Available in: J, B, C, D and L Curl

Available Lengths: 8mm - 16mm

Available Diameters: 

Volume Lashes: .07mm, .10mm

Classic Lashes: 15mm, .20mm or .25mm

Approx: 2000 lashes per tray