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BL Lash Cream Remover Plus

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                     BL Lash Cream  Remover Plus 10grams

Lash & Glue Remover 

  • Most effective and safe way to remove lash extensions
  • Suitable for removing an entire set of extensions
  • Tube type, 10g

BL Cream Removers

The creamy BL Cream Remover stays put  on the extension to which they are applied. Cream Removers are the safest way to remove eyelash extensions, providing comfort and easy removal for you and your clients.

In addition, since these creams contain oil they are suitable for removing an entire set of extension lashes very quickly nd effectivelyS

Shake well before use.


Our extension lash removers are for trained and licensed professionals only. Please only purchase if you have had the proper training in the technique to apply eyelash extensions. Under no circumstance is the remover to be used on yourself.