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C/D Curl Easy Fanning Volume Lashes

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BL Lashes Easy Fanning Volume Lashes C/D Curl

"New!" Volume Lashes that literally fan themselves!

Additionally, each line contains 3 different lengths to achieve

natural looking extensions and extra light fans.


  • Self-fanning lashes with multiple lengths
  • Natural, yet voluminous look
  • Enable stylists at all level to create Russian volume fans


    The Easy Fanning Lash enables beginners to advanced lash stylists to create Russian volume fans by picking up the desired amount of lashes to create volume fans from 2D to 10D+ very easily

    You and your customers benefit from reduced application times without losing the fluffy and dramatic look. Fans may be simply created by applying a minimum amount of tweezer pressure, counting each lash and grabbing the number of lashes you want for your fan lash. The process is residue-free. No curl is lost and lashes never come off in clumps.

    Specially treated roots ensure that lashes stay bonded when pulled off the strip, also there is no excess glue at the base of the lashes.

    Create Handmade Volume Fanning lashes as easy as 1, 2, 3

    "Glam Adhesive and Mach Adhesive work well with the Easy Fanning Lashes"

    BL Easy Fanning Lash Extensions

    Curl: C & D Curl

    Thickness: .05, .07

    Length: 9mm - 13mm