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C Curl Real Mink Lash

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Real Mink Lash

  • 100% Real mink fur lash extensions
  • Soft, lightweight and natural shine
  • Collected by gently combing the animal

Benefits of Real Mink Lashes

Surprise your clients with these comfortable, easy to wear real mink lashes.

Offer them an opportunity to take their salon experiences to the next level in luxury with these 100% genuine natural Siberian mink hair lashes.

These extremely soft and lightweight natural lashes more closely mimic human lashes than any similar product. 

Since BL Natural Lash (Real Mink) is made of 100% real fur, it is adaptable to the surrounding temperature and humidity as well.


  • Real Mink Lashes are handmade with 100% pure mink fur

          that creates a natural look and luxurious feeling.

  • They perfect yor eyes with a totally natural look.
  • These fascinating high-fashion Real Mink Lashes are so realistic, elegant and sexy.  
  • They make you look like you were born with naturally flawless false eyelashes.

  *These are Professional Eyelash Extensions 

for the Professional Lash Artist


-C Curl

6 Strips