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C Curl Mixed Laser Lash

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Blink Laser Lash C Curl Mixed
Volume and Classic Lashes 

The First Laser Processed Eyelash Extension

- Beautiful Eyelashes Will Stay Longer -

  -Usually, glue gets hardened after eyelash extension, the flexible natural lash would

be stiff as well, and it makes the lash look unnatural.

-Unlike other lashes which are coated by glue, its processed adhesion part holds glue and

it does not coat the natural lash, the natural lashes will be softer and

more natural than conventional lashes.


Tired of going back and forth with many different trays to complete one set? Try Mix-Mink Lash tray. In one strip of Laser Mix-Mink, you can find all your essential length from 7mm to 13mm. 

  • Essential length (7-13mm) in one strip
  • Economical space saver
  • Ideal for the Classic and Russian Volume technique
  • Laser processed indentation for faster application, longer-lasting lashes


What are laser lashes?

The idea of creating indentations on a synthetic lash has emerged during our study of the human hair itself. Inspired by the fact that the scaly and uneven surface of the human hair cuticle naturally allows better adhesion than a smooth surface, we have created the world?™s first laser processed extension lash eventually.

Works wonders with any glue

Thanks to the indentations on BL Laser lashes that hold the glue, they prevent the glue from forming a glue droplet at the root of the extension lash. BL Laser lashes work wonders with any glue regardless of its viscosity.

Laser processed lash

 Due to furrows that hold the glue, it prevents the glue from forming a drop at the root of false eyelashes.

So, it works well with any glue regardless the viscosity,

and it allows longer bonding life.


 *These are Professional Eyelash Extensions 

for the Professional Lash Artist


C Curl Laser Lash


Volume Lashes: .06, .07, .10 Thickness

Classic Lashes: .15, .20, .25 Thickness

7mm - 14mm mixed tray