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BL Lash B Curl Mixed Mink Premium lashes

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BL Lashes,  B Curl Mixed Mink

Premium Lashes


-BL Lashes are Ultra-Light weight Faux Mink Eyelashes, they are softer and lighter weight than most synthetic lashes

-These lashes are high gloss and curled to perfection, resembling real mink fur lashes

-The Mixed Mink lash tray gives you all the lengths needed for any look your client desires

-Quick and easy application all in one tray

-Special manufacturing technique "guaranteed not to straighten over time"

-Pair them up with any of the Blink Extension glues and have the best, longest lasting extensions.


 *These are Professional Eyelash Extensions 

for the Professional Lash Artist

Blink Branding:
Blink has gone through a branding change and the original Blink packaging will slowly be phased out and replaced.  

-Approx. 2500 lashes per tray


-Thicknesses: .07mm, .10mm, .15mm, .20mm, .25mm