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Anti-Allergy Gel (Sensitivity Reduction)

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BL Anti Allergy Gel

for eyelash extensions


BL Anti-Allergy Gel absorbs airborne chemicals, significantly

reducing the level of fumes & vapors in your work area.

  •  Great product for Glue sensitive Technicians and clients.
  • To use, simply open the lid and place the open container near the glue palette on your work station
  • Leave it open while applying lashes, the gel like substance absorbs the fumes
  • The gel will shrink over time with use, so replace the product when it gets completely dry (usually 2-6 months depending on the usage)
  • Great for you or clients with a glue sensitivity
  • Can be used throughout the salon to absorb any chemical smells that affect clients

Benefits of BL Anti-Allergy Gel

This white gel absorbs airborne chemicals from eyelash extension glues, reducing the level of fumes & vapors in the workplace. BL Anti-allergy gel protects both technician and client from inhaling fumes and exposure to allergens.

Feedback from the clients and lash artists suggest less stinging or watery eyes, fewer headaches, and itchiness following the use of this product. Highly beneficial for anyone suffering from an acute glue allergy.

50 G. Jar