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BL Lash 5D Volume Pre-Made Level Lash Mixed

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BL Lash (formerly Blink Lash)

5D Volume Level Lash mixed sizes


  • The 5D Level lash has 5 lashes in various  lengths in each 5D grouping.
  • These are heat bonded, pre-grouped lashes
  • The space between each lash is wider than original 5D lashes to give a fuller, wispier look with lots of volume. 
  • They are lighter than conventional volume lashes.
  • Each tray has a variety of lengths from 7mm - 14mm, to allow for faster  more convenient application.
  • Easy 5D lash application

Have been referred  to as Russian Volume Lashes

 *These are Professional Eyelash Extensions 

                                     for the Professional Lash Artist

(Proper pick up of Volume Lashes

as shown in the example)

  • 7mm-14mm in each tray
  • available in C curl & D curl